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About Cornelsen

Cornelsen has been at the centre of the world of learning for over 60 years. With our educational media and further-training programmes, we enable our customers to achieve first-rate results.

About the Franz Cornelsen Group

Franz Cornelsen publishing group is one of Germany's largest publishers. We create and distribute educational materials for a wide market, ranging from primary-school education to vocational training.

International Sales & License Department

Welcome to the International Sales & License Department of Cornelsen.
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Head of International Business Management

Key Account Management

Tel. +49 30 89785 8579
Fax +49 30 897 85 658
E-Mail: Zhenjiang.Yan@cornelsen.de

International Business Manager

Europe (except Western Europe) and Central Asia

Tel. +49 30 897 85 380
Fax +49 30 897 85 658
E-Mail: Kristin.Kupsch@cornelsen.de

International Business Manager

Asia (except Central Asia) and Middle East

Tel. +49 30 897 85 532
Fax +49 30 897 85 658
E-Mail: nadine.kuepfer@cornelsen.de

International Business Manager

The Americas, Western Europe (UK, IR, FR, ES, PT), Australia
Tel. +49 30 89785 8790
Fax +49 30 897 85 658
E-Mail: Laure.Perisse@cornelsen.de

International Sales Manager

Tel. +49 30 897 85 8044
Fax +49 30 897 85 37
E-Mail: michael.luedicke@cornelsen.de