Drake’s trip around the world and the Golden Hind

Francis Drake began his world trip in 1577. Queen Elizabeth gave him money to pay for his ships and his men. With five ships and 166 men, Drake left Plymouth on December 13th, 1577. Francis Drake’s ship was called the Golden Hind.

First, he sailed across the Atlantic to South America. Here he attacked the Spanish ships and stole their treasure and their maps. The Spanish had the best maps of the oceans in the 16th century. But he had to leave two of his ships in South America. The remaining three ships then sailed round the south coast of America. Lots of storms that went on for more than 50 days destroyed one ship. Another sailed back to England. The last ship, the Golden Hind, went north along the Pacific coast of South America to California. From here they sailed across the Pacific Ocean to south-east Asia.

In Asia Francis Drake found many exciting herbs and spices. No one knew these herbs and spices in England. He took them with him on his ship. After this Drake sailed around the southern tip of Africa and back to England. He arrived in England again in September 1580.

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