Welcome to the GER-Placement Tests from Cornelsen!

The GER-Placement Tests from Cornelsen are not exams. Instead they should help you evaluate the level of your own language abilities and choose an appropriate language course. Spend 20 minutes taking the tests now instead of wasting more time in the wrong course.

With the GER-Placement Tests from Cornelsen you can test your German, English, French and Spanish skills easily and for free. The German as a foreign language tests can be displayed in English, Turkish or Russian instead of German if required.

The tests have been developed within the guidelines of the Common European Framework (GER in German). Every college or language school will be able to comprehend the results and thereby offer you the appropriate course for your requirements.

Appealing test tasks enable you, in just a few clicks, to discover how you are able to make yourself understood in various situations.

At the end of every test you receive a personal recommendation document (PDF) written in German which you can take to your local college or language school.