Web-Unit Canada quiz

English G 21 Band 3, Unit 4: Canada

You have learned lots of things about Canada in your English class. In this Web-Unit, you will read texts that talk about three Canadian topics in more detail: Lacrosse sport, the band Nickelback and the life of the politician Tommy Douglas (1904-1986). At the end of each text, you will find two statements - click on the correct one. You can also follow the links under the texts (“website of interest”) to find out more about a topic. When you have found all the correct statements, you will get to the online adventure “Journey to Kitigaaryuk”.

Good luck!

Remember: If you do not know a word, try to understand it with the help of the context, pictures next to the text or similar words in other languages you know (German, Latin or French, for example).

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Kevin Campbell/Henning Ziegler

adventure - Abenteuer
cancer - Krebs
instead of - an Stelle von
medical care - medizinische Versorgung
member - Mitglied
minister – Priester/in, Pfarrer/in
missionary - Missionar/in
nickel - kanadische Fünf-Cent-Münze
otherwise - ansonsten pension - Rente
politician - Politiker/in
similar - ähnlich
social welfare - soziale Grundabsicherung
success - Erfolg
successful - erfolgreich
(to) found - gründen
(to) invent - erfinden
(to) support - unterstützen
(to) vote - wählen

Often you don’t have to read a whole text to find information about something. You can look for key words (Schlüsselwörter).
How to look for key words
1. Before you look at the text, think about the key word you want to find. You can also write it down.
2. Move your eyes quickly over the text (“scan” the text). The word you are looking for will stand out, because you will remember what it looks like. If you have a printed text, you can also move your finger over it in the form of an S.
When you found the key word, just read the text that follows it.