Unit 3 - Liverpool

S. 44: Find out more about Liverpool

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Liverpool is one of the great cities of the United Kingdom. To find out more about it, read on.

Liverpool waterfront

Liverpool is over 800 years old, but it was a small town until the 18th century. Then, as trade with America began to grow, Liverpool grew too. As a port town on the west coast of England, it was an ideal place for transatlantic ships to arrive and leave. 19th century Liverpool was one of Britain’s richest cities – you can see that its great buildings. Today the port is less important and the city isn’t rich any more. About 450,000 people live there – in the 1930s the population was about 850,000, almost twice as many people as today.

trade – Handel; population – Einwohnerzahl

Liverpool from the air

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, when Liverpool was still one of the world’s biggest ports, the city had a network of docks which was 12 kilometres long. Today some of the docks have been closed and filled in, some have been changed into museums, and some are still used for shipping.

A railway train in the 1830s

Liverpool was not just an important port. It was also the city with the world’s first intercity railway line, which ran between Liverpool and Manchester. The first journey between the two cities was on 15th September 1830. In those early years the train travelled at 27 kilometres per hour.

Liverpool Cathedral

The Anglican cathedral in Liverpool is the largest church in the British Isles and the fifth largest church in the word. It has an area of 9,687 square metres – that’s bigger than a football field. The cathedral tower is more than 100 metres high – that’s about 5 times as high as a typical five-floor apartment building in the city of Berlin.

rapartment building – Mietshaus

View from Liverpool Cathedral

If you visit Liverpool cathedral, you can climb the tower. To get to the top you have to go up in two different lifts and when you leave the second lift you still have to climb 108 steps. When you get to the huge viewing platform at the top of the tower, you have a wonderful view across the city, and across the River Mersey to North Wales.

The Beatles on a Liverpool bus

Liverpool is a city of culture. It is sometimes called the music capital or “city of pop” and has more national museums than any other British city except London. 2008 was an important year for the city. That was the year when Liverpool was the European capital of culture.

Everton’s football ground at Goodison Park in the team colours, blue and white

Liverpool has two teams that play in the English Premier League, Liverpool FC and Everton, the older of the two clubs. Everton have been English champions 9 times since 1891 and they have won the FA Cup 5 times. Liverpool FC has an even better record. They have been English champions 18 times since 1901 and have won the FA Cup 7 times. They have also been very successful in European competitions.

FA Cup – similar to the German DFB-Pokal

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