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Keynote - Workbook + Audio-CD - C1.1/C1.2: Advanced

KeynoteC1.1/C1.2: AdvancedWorkbook + Audio-CD

Workbook + Audio CD

  • Thorough consolidation and extension of the language and skills taught in the Student's Book gives students the confidence they need to progress
  • Twelve playlists featuring new TED Talks and Podcasts by members of the Keynote team provide more authentic material and encourage personal engagement
  • Six writing spreads and six presentation spreads focussing on text structure and key language develop students' ability to write and present effectively and accurately
  • Online workbook: digital code available for purchase from eltngl.com/cornelsen 



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British Council, Hochschule, Sprachenschule, Sprachenzentrum an einer Hochschule, Sprachenzentrum an einer Universität, Universität, Volkshochschule
National Geographic Learning
Stephenson, Helen; Dummett, Paul; Lansford, Lewis

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