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Business German 

German as a Foreign Language

This includes everyday or Business German. Cornelsen provides textbooks for all imaginable scenarios, preparing learners at levels A1 to C1 for the challenges of professional life.

Our Business German program

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Textbooks for Business German

Fokus Deutsch

Fokus Deutsch Cover

Fokus Deutsch – Erfolgreich in Alltag und Beruf B2

The series Fokus Deutsch is targeted at those learning the language who are already at level B1 and who would like to improve their Business German to level B2. The textbook combines everyday and business-related language learning. It is also available as a package with the preliminary course B1+, which guarantees an easy introduction to level B2.

Fokus Deutsch – Erfolgreich in Alltag und Beruf C1
The textbook is aimed at those who wish to improve their German language skills in order to pursue highly qualified professions and to deal with complex communicative tasks. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary practice in order to enhance upon linguistic competence as well as learning how to use it in real world context.

Fokus Deutsch – Erfolgreich in Pflegeberufen B2
The volume is aimed at those in the health care industry who have to deal with language-related challenges in their career. Those learning the language develop their linguistic competence from advanced level A2 to level B2 and learn to communicate sufficiently with those in need of care, doctors, colleagues and relatives and to document the care given in a comprehensible way.

Pluspunkt Deutsch – Erfolgreich im Beruf B1

Pluspunkt Deutsch Cover

As well as teaching German language skills for work and everyday life, this textbook also imparts intercultural skills. It is aimed at adults who would like to expand upon their German language skills in order to increase their chances in the workplace and to be able to successfully communicate and interact with supervisors, colleagues and customers in their (future) workplace.