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Textbooks for Advanced Learners 

German as a Foreign Language

Do you teach groups of advanced learners? Here you will find intermediate level textbooks for levels B1+, B2 and C1, with information on the concept, components and additional teaching materials.


Weitblick Cover

The big Panorama

The new DaF textbook Weitblick for advanced learners at levels B1+ and B2 opens new learning worlds with the sensible interlinking of the course book with the PagePlayer app and creates a stimulating learning environment in the analog and virtual course room.

  • Topics cover everyday life, work, study and education
  • Support of individual learning and development of strategies and the improvement of oral and written skills
  • Integrated exam preparation in the exercise book
  • Flexible design of lessons thanks to modular units
  • Pluricultural and plurilingual approach

Studio: Die Mittelstufe

Studio: Die Mittelstufe Cover

For the high flyers

Proven elements from Studio [21] are used in Studio: Die Mittelstufe is taken a step further depending on the level suitable for the students – this means that learners quickly gain more and more confidence with their German language skills. 

Studio: Die Mittelstufe involves transparent learning objectives, authentic reading and listening materials and clear exercise sequences.

  • Smooth transition from level B1 to B2
  • Interesting and relevant topics, including everyday life and training for the workplace
  • Developing high levels of competence in written German
  • Teaching of context-based grammar as well as learning its correct application
  • Regular self-evaluation