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Textbooks for Beginners 

German as a Foreign Language

We invite to have a closer look at our textbooks for learning German as a foreign language.

Das Leben

Cover Das Leben

The self evident way to learn German

Our new textbook series Das Leben, written by the established editorial team Hermann Funk and Christina Kuhn is made for today's German as a foreign language class - regardless of whether it is analog or digital. 

With the innovative textbook and its multimedia teaching and learning offers, you can enable your learner to speak in a short amount of time. 

Das Leben enables the learner to reach learning targets quickly thanks to the imbedded Grammar and many real world learning exercises.

  • Based on the new Common European Framework
  • Appealing magazine style design for Course and Study Book
  • Digital Teaching and Learning with the Page Player App: contains many additional materials such as Audios, Videos, additional texts and interactive exercises to further teaching and learning.
  • Video Story “Nicos Weg” produced by Deutsche Welle provides extra material for varied and interesting teaching sessions
  • The vocabulary includes the frequency list of the DUDEN corpus. By taking the most common words into account, your learners' reading skills will be encouraged from the start.

Treffpunkt international

Bild: Cornelsen/Rosendahl Berlin/Daniel Meyer

Learners in integration or business courses abroad want to actively prepare for their life in Germany and develop professional perspectives. Based on the innovations in the companion volume to the CFR, Treffpunkt international provides new input for your teaching at levels A1 to B1 and, thanks to innovative digital media, enables flexible teaching and learning in analogue and digital forms of teaching. With the well thought-out support concept, you can also lead learners who are not used to learning to a successful test and prepare them for life in Germany.

  • Support concept for individual learning paths
  • Regular learning status tests and targeted exam preparation right from the start
  • Optimal preparation for living and working in Germany
  • Extensive digital offer for individual learning & uncomplicated teaching
  • Instructions for teaching, especially for courses abroad, provide information and tips for successful teaching in this target group.


Panorama Cover

With Panorama, the famous textbook series for adults learning German as a foreign language (GFL), you and your students can directly immerse yourselves in the German-speaking world. 

The textbook intelligently utilises digital media to take a closer look into the German language, culture and the way of living in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) countries. Augmented reality and film clips (grammar animations, videos about phonetics, vocabulary exercises, cultural knowledge quiz videos) can be taken directly out of the book to watch and listen to – whenever and wherever you wish.

  • With the teacher’s edition of the course book, a lot of time is saved
  • The structure of the tasks is geared towards interaction and increase in difficulty. Includes in-depth practice for speaking and writing
  • Methodical grammar teaching
  • Listening and reading practice with videos which increase in difficulty as the book progresses

Studio [21]

Cover Studio [21]

A success story

The textbook Studio [21] has earned itself an excellent reputation globally amongst other courses for those learning German as a foreign language (GFL). It is designed for adults with no previous knowledge, providing them with an understanding of current regional and cultural studies from an intercultural perspective and offers comprehensive digital teaching and learning opportunities. The varied exercises guarantee interactive German lessons. Thanks to innovative teaching methods, your students will achieve success with their linguistic skills in no time.

  • Learn German for your everyday life as well as for work
  • Attractive range of media available for use in the classroom, on the go and at home
  • Clearly structured exercise sequences that prepare for tasks – the focus is on actively speaking the language
  • Consistent communication of fixed linguistic structures
  • Comprehensive listening and pronunciation practice
  • Lesson manager: the digital package for rapid preparation and varied presentation of lessons
  • Intensive training
  • Test booklet

Studio [express]

Become a German linguist in no time

Studio [express] is perfect for those whose language goals are clear and who want to achieve them as soon as possible. 

The innovative compact course is based on the globally successful Studio [21] series and is designed for highly motivated adults who are familiar with learning languages and are undertaking academic studies or working. It provides fast and flexible learning – via the course and exercise book and is also available online.

  • Adapted into comprehensive and intensive courses with a reduced number of teaching hours per level
  • Proven concept based on current findings in foreign language research.
  • Integrated course and exercise book, including interactive online exercises for mobile and personalised learning
  • Interaction and task guidance
  • Learning activities build on from one another, rather than only providing isolated skills training
  • Grammar and exercise concept based on automation