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Delivery and payment

Terms and Conditions



On receipt of your order we will send you a written invoice. We offer a choice of two methods of payment from abroad.

  • You can pay the amount due by bank transfer.
  • We also accept the following credit cards for payment: American Express, Mastercard, Eurocard, and Visa. If you wish to pay by credit card we need the number and expiry date of your card as well as the three-digit check number on the back of your card in advance.

Payments can be made by automatic bank transfer, provided we have the relevant authorization. Payments are collected when invoices become due. We will charge reminder fees and the customary interest on defaulted payment.

Returned purchases

When returning consignments from abroad it is always recommendable to contact the publisher first. Goods for which an order has been placed can only be returned if the publisher has given written approval. Books returned prior to approval may be sent back to purchasers at their own cost. All returns are at the sender's cost and risk until we receive the consignment. Returning the consignment does not release the purchaser from the obligation to pay.