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About Cornelsen

Cornelsen has been at the centre of the world of learning for over 60 years. With our educational media and further-training programmes, we enable our customers to achieve first-rate results.

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About the Franz Cornelsen Group

Franz Cornelsen publishing group is one of Germany's largest publishers. We create and distribute educational materials for a wide market, ranging from primary-school education to vocational training.

Cornelsen is a member of the iMOVE-Network.


Are you interested in licensing editions of educational books and media for your country? It's our pleasure to present you our products individually, and with no obligation. We're happy to offer our service and co-operation on top of just the pure rights-selling.

We represent language and vocational textbooks of Cornelsen worldwide. To simplify searching through our stock of over 23,000 titles, we can send you our annual International Catalogue.

You can download the International catalogue here.


Did any titles spark your interest and would you like to receive reading copies? Please get in touch.